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Best Gifts For Dads! -Bozlun Blog

Best Gifts For Dads! -Bozlun Blog

Just as with moms, there’s no one type of dad. There are golf dads and design dads and lazy dads, among so many other kinds. Come up with the best gifts for the many different types of dads! And if you’re looking for more ideas for Father's Day gifts, be sure to check out,  there is a 10% off discount for all orders during Father's Day!

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“Some of the best times I have with my kids are when we have dance parties, playing kid-friendly music from my phone. A Bluetooth speaker like the Jambox would be a great way to take the party to the next level. And at our house, we top it off with a disco ball for the full effect.” —Joshua Zeichner, M.D., dermatologist, father of 6-year old and 3-year-old.

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200, Vacuum-Trimmer


For the dad who micromanages his stubble.

This beard trimmer with a vacuum (see how it’s leaving no mess?) is consistently one of the most-bought items among Strategist readers.


Philips Norelco Series 5550 Shaver



For the dad who’s always clean-shaven.

Our very favorite electric razor does a better job — smoother, faster, easier — than any other you can find, and for not a heck-ton of money.


Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical



For the dad who’s too busy at work to hit Equinox.

Bring the gym to him with an under-the-desk elliptical machine that’ll let him (kind of) discreetly get his workout in.







A smart bracelet that focuses on the father's health is an excellent gift. The bracelet looks handsome and easy-to-operate multi-features, makes Dads look young and energetic.

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Yeti Hopper Flip 12



“This year I really want a Yeti cooler. They’re the best coolers in the world. They are little on the pricey side and we just bought a house, so that’s why it’s on my wishlist and not on my back deck, as it were. They’re perfect for keeping drinks and snacks cold on a road trip or loading it up with beers for fishing with the guys, which I never do, but if I did, this would be perfect. —Maximillian Verrelli, general counsel at Blackheart Records, father of a 1-year-old.






For the dad who wants a watch that does it all.

Tech experts agree: This is the watch to get if you’re looking to monitor your activity, fitness, and sleep. 

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For the dad with an expensive Starbucks habit.

This 14-cup brewer is consistently the very best seller out of our round-up of the best coffee makers.


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