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An affordable entry-level Smart Bracelet

An affordable entry-level Smart Bracelet

Choosing a wearable fitness tracker isn’t an easy task when there are so many different devices on the market to pick from. You can go with one of the popular trackers from brands like Fitbit, Withings or Misfit if you’re ok with spending more than $60 for their lowest end device. Or you can check out the Bozlun B15P fitness tracker which costs less than $33 and has a lot of the same features including one feature that none of the others have which is a blood pressure monitor. But is this just another case of you get what you pay for? Let’s take a look.

What is it?

The Bozlun B15P is a wrist wearable fitness tracker that keeps track of your steps, distance traveled, calories burned, sleep, heart rate, phone notifications, and even your blood pressure.

It snaps easily into the included wrist strap. Wearing the tracker is actually very comfortable. I usually don’t like wearing watches or anything else on my wrist but I forgot I was even wearing the B15P, even while sleeping.

Other features of the Bozlun B15P fitness tracker

The tracker has a notification feature that can be enabled to vibrate to let you know if there’s a call on your phone or notification from certain apps.

You can set up 3 different alarms that will vibrate at different times.

You can set a get-up and move time reminder between certain hours of the day when you’ve been sitting too long.

Last but not least, you can use the fitness tracker as a camera shutter button for your smartphone. When you click that, a camera app will launch on your phone and a camera icon will show up on the B15P’s display. When you tap the B15P’s touch button, your phone will take a picture. You can continue taking pics until you exit out of the camera app.

It’s easy to use an entry-level tracker that can help motivate you to get more active by letting you see your step count, distance and calorie burn on an easy to read the screen. The alarm features, phone notifications, camera shutter, and inactivity alerts are all features usually only found on pricier devices, so I do think that this fitness tracker offers a good bang for your buck.





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