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Bozlun Fitness Tracker Women Smart Watch

Bozlun Fitness Tracker Women Smart Watch

Bozlun Fitness Tracker Women SmartWatch B16 will give you an achievable sports goal according to your task time and encourages you to achieve a greater objective.

Wireless share
Phone APP reveals each daily activity, such as steps, calories, range, heart rate, resting, and so on. You can upload and share your sports data to facebook, twitter, QQ, WeChat, Instagram, LinkedIn and also various other APPLICATION with your phone. Support Android 4.4 and iPhone 8.0 phones.

GPS+A ll Day Heart Rate
Bozlun B16 integrated into the GPS positioning function on the basis of the heart rate as well as everyday tasks keeping track of, which could sync as well as reveal your activity track, range, step as well as calories on a real-time map on your phone.

Smart Notification
Call/text tip, it vibrates and alerts you if a person telephones calls or messages you( phone or message symbol will certainly reveal on the display) Bozlun Fitness Tracker Women SmartWatch is extremely useful for a meeting, exercise as well as some vital events without having to check out your phone. You can also establish a notice to warn you if you rest too long. Also, you can use it to remind you to consume water, participate in the conference or do something essential.

Rest Tracking
Immediately track your light sleep, deep sleep, awaken and also stay up time in the evening. Automatically sync your rest information after you get up on 8:00 am.

Automobile Brilliant Up Display and Remote
The Bozlun Fitness Tracker Women SmartWatch display automobile wake if you lift your wrist. With a remote function, you could tremble the watch to take a photo.

See Featured Product for Bozlun Fitness Tracker Women Smart Watch

First Bolzun Fitness Tracker watches for women. Most fitness watches in the market have a neutral appearance. But this activity tracker watch is full of feminine, specially designed for young ladies or teenager girls. Polish rose gold alloy case, black round dial purple watch band and digital time display. What are you waiting for? Take it home and you will be more eye-catching.

Fashion Sports Watch. It combines the functions of the pedometer(steps, miles, and calories, )heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, phone camera control, call and SMS reminder, sedentary reminder, date, and alarm. And it is lightweight, so you don’t need to worry if the watch adds any burden to your wrist.

Phone APP Guide. Download the APP, open your phone Bluetooth and connect the watch with your phone. Then you can check your everyday steps change, calories burnt, distance, set call and SMS /other APP message reminder. The sleep data will be updated automatically at 8 o’clock after you wake up.

Bluetooth 4.0. Compatible with Android 4.0 or above,iPhone 8.0 or above. About 1 hour fully charge and provides 7-10 days standby time, 5-6 days normal use, Charging cable is included. Press and hold the touch position for about 3 seconds to turn on or off the watch.

Waterproof IP67. It is ok to wash hands or take a shower, but please don’t press any button in the water. Should you encounter any problem, please contact us asap to resolve it.



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