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New product launch——the journey of W31 on earth

New product launch——the journey of W31 on earth



Background of W31

From: Bozlun Galaxy β Planet

Code: W31

Superpower: Parasitic

Identity: Pursuit of individuality, freedom of pursuit, unrestrained, adventurous


The β planet suffered destruction.
W31 lost its homeland, aimless in the interstellar wandering, the spacecraft taxied to the vicinity of the earth.


How to survive on the earth

A β person is very dangerous on the earth.
It must be good at disguise and know how to change.
In addition to choosing the perfect host, the W31 has a lot of features.




Sports Mode

Need to improve the host's constitution through reasonable exercise.


Health reminder


Heart Rate Tracking


Sleep Monitory


Lack of power




This is W31, I love Earth and humans, Could you PLEASE take me home?


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