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Check out this brilliant hybrid smartwatch

Check out this brilliant hybrid smartwatch

The best stylish hybrid smartwatch


Technology seems to be slowly but surely taking over every aspect of our lives. It's now commonplace to have a smartphone, laptop, smart-speakers, and even smart-appliances at home. But now, technology is even becoming something we wear, thanks to wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers. 


Admittedly, smartwatches have so far failed to explode in popularity like smartphones quickly did when they came onto the scene about a decade ago.


Whether you love Android, you're a dedicated Apple fan, or you just want a good-looking casual watch that can do double-duty as a daily activity tracker, you've now got a lot more options to choose from. If you're in the market for one, then Bozlun H8-R02 is the best stylish smartwatch to suit your need.


At first glance, you'd hardly be able to guess that the H8-R02 is a smartwatch at all. The standard dial, sleek 42mm case, and leather strap do nothing to betray the technology that lies underneath. The sole giveaway that it's actually a smartwatch is the small digital sub-dial that provides a real-time readout of your activity metrics and other info.


Despite the lack of a touchscreen, this watch can do much of what other smartwatches can do when synced with your Android or iOS smartphone. A gentle buzz on your wrist notifies you when you receive an incoming call or message, and the watch can also keep tabs on your steps are taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and even sleep quality if you wear it at night. You can see all your metrics in the app. The slim steel case is also a breath of fresh air for wearers who want to veer away from chunkier smartwatches.


It's hard to beat the feel of steel on your wrist, and Model H8-R02 smartwatch lets you enjoy the modern connectivity without sacrificing style.


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