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Best Smartwatches for Men Under $100

Best Smartwatches for Men Under $100

Watches make a wonderful fashion statement about who you are and how important your personal style is to you. But the price of nice watches keeps many who want their watches to be in sync with the most recent fashion trends from fulfilling that desire.

If you relate to the previous paragraph, then this list is perfect for you: a series of watches that are cool. Here’s a breakdown of the top affordable men’s smartwatches under a $100 budget.



The W30 features a heart rate monitor, that will measure both your exercise distance and steps.

There is a pedometer, sedentary/drink/meeting/taking medicine reminder, find the phone, alarm, and a measure for calories burned as you work out. 

It’s also with an OLED display, remote control camera, IP67 waterproof. The watch provides high accurate timekeeping and charges quickly. Normal working time is 5 days and standby time last for 20 days.

Colorful and big screen make it clear and very easy to read time both indoors or outdoors. No worries to read time in the sun anymore.





The B31 features all the standard fitness watch necessities (sleep monitor, step counter, distance counter, calorie burn counter, blue took sync-up). 

It also informs you of when you are receiving a call while working out and allows you to check your most recent messages. 

There is a Sleep Monitor, that help monitor your sleep situations. Not only that, but it can also keep tabs on and measure your heart rate. The glass display of this watch is chemically strengthened, which makes it extra durable.




The B33 is a perfect watch for all the Fit Bit enthusiasts who don’t want to pay the Fit Bit price.

It features all the standard fitness watch necessities (sleep monitor, step counter, distance counter, calorie burn counter, blue took sync-up). 

This smartwatch also connects to an innovative app, where all your physical activities, sleep patterns, and complete fitness details are recorded.





This fitness smartwatch is a health assistant for you by monitoring your blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep quality.

It gives you detailed data on APP which helps you to know your health better. 

Stay connected wherever you are, and organize your busy life with a smartwatch that reminds you of calls and messages. 

Click on the camera function on the app, then you use it to take photos easily by shaking your hands to remote it. 

Fully compatible with smartphones with Android 4.4, IOS 8 or higher systems and Bluetooth 4.0.





At first glance, you'd hardly be able to guess that the H8-R02 is a smartwatch at all. The standard dial, sleek 42mm case, and leather strap do nothing to betray the technology that lies underneath.

The sole giveaway that it's actually a smartwatch is the small digital sub-dial that provides a real-time readout of your activity metrics and other info.

Despite the lack of a touchscreen, this watch can do much of what other smartwatches can do when synced with your Android or iOS smartphone. A gentle buzz on your wrist notifies you when you receive an incoming call or message, and the watch can also keep tabs on your steps are taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and even sleep quality if you wear it at night. You can see all your metrics in the app. The slim steel case is also a breath of fresh air for wearers who want to veer away from chunkier smartwatches.




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