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Every Day, Living With A BozLun Smart Watch

Every Day, Living With A BozLun Smart Watch

The BozGo BozLun SmartWatch strikes an intelligent balance between information overload and just enough on your wrist with its easy to understand the “3D” interface.


Today when we talk about how easy it is to use high-tech products without having to refer to the manual first and which we feel the most natural to most people, the choice seems to be limited to high-end information-filled devices to generic, cheap, entry-level health monitors. Still, nothing grabbed our attention enough by hitting that strategic middle market segment by offering a smartwatch that is enough for most.


Overall, the smartwatch era left us feeling skeptical about the value, as well as the wide variety of choice, quality, and usefulness. However, most of the time, the price versus technology or services doesn’t make us want to run to the store to spend more money.


The race is still on find out what is the ultimate balance between enough information and overload?BozLun takes a nab at it and lands remarkably close to the target.


Our research showed that people were frustrated with the lack of features on typical activity tracker wristbands but didn’t want the cost and charging requirements of the latest big brand smartwatches. Those sentiments were what motivated our team to create a full-featured smart activity tracking watch with innovative features at the lowest price possible. With BozLun, convenient smart features and a healthy, active lifestyle is affordable for anyone.

The BozLun feels comfortable with its replaceable rubber wristband. The watch looks rugged and can be worn in any situation, even for business situations. In the end, we found this watch can be worn at a business meeting and then off to a weekend camping trip.

BozLun has a few more smartwatches ranging from an entry-level exercise type of smartwatch to its higher-end ones.

Setting up the BozLun smartwatch was simple. The right middle button turns it on and off. The left top button cycles through the basic view with time, date, and seconds cycling in the background. The one below changes the interface.

The BozLun boasts a five days battery lifespan, which means you don’t have to run to recharge every day. With five days of autonomy, the watch can also record your sleeping cycles and can help you see how well you sleep with its 24-hour seamless heart-rate tracking and sleep monitoring system. It features a “3D interface”, which is an elegant way of displaying information in a visual way and a perfect way to do for various cultures that might not share the same languages.The nine different languages are perfect for your international travels. And if you feel the need to liven up or change the aesthetics, simply replace the bracelets with other colors.

BozLun hits a niche target perfectly with enough for most people, but not too much to turn it into an information overwhelming device. It also will continue to evolve and mature, as you would expect with quick updates to unlock more features and keep your smartwatch relevant for a longer time.



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